Things That Make You Happy

What Makes You Happy?

Everyone should have something that makes them genuinely happy, whether it’s cooking, drawing, or watching their favorite TV show. Most people do the thing that makes them happy as either a job or a hobby. Something that I do that makes me happy is Interior designing. This has always been something that I have loved to do in my free time. Decorating a room to make it fit with your style and personality is very important. The way a room looks and the color a room is can easily affect a person’s mood. When someone walks into a dark colored room they often feel depressed, but when a person walks into a bright and vibrant colored room they feel a sense of happiness. When you are designing a room you should focus more on the little details that tie together and complete the look of the room. It’s not so much about the furniture in the room but how you decorate the furniture. No one falls in love with a couch or a table, but they do fall in love with the things that they don’t see often. One great way of making a room look unique is by decorating it with knickknacks. The little things make the biggest difference. Decorating is something that makes me happy, but what makes you happy?

Take a look at this video to see how doing something that makes you happy can improve your life.


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