Funny Childhood Memories

Funny Childhood Memories

This blog post is about some of the funniest moments that occurred throughout my childhood. Some of these stories are things that my brother, Brayden, did or said when he was younger, and some stories are about things that I, Josilyn, did or said when I was younger.

My Mashed Potato

When I was about 3 years old I had a Mr. Potato Head. I had just got done putting him all together and I was so excited to show my dad. I was running down the hall and accidently dropped Mr. Potato Head. I carefully picked him up and started consoling him when I turned to my mom and said, “Mom, do you want to kiss my MASHED potato?”

Where Does Santa Live?

One Christmas Eve my mom, brother, and I were looking at the NASA Santa Tracker on the computer to see where Santa was delivering presents at that moment. I asked, “Where does Santa Live? Up here?” (I was pointing to the top of North America.) My mom said, “Well, it is a little higher. We would have to look at a globe to show you where exactly Santa lives.” My brother perked up and said, “WAIT! Let me get my snow globe.” He came back a couple minutes later with his snow globe with a Santa figure in it to show us where Santa lives. (My brother literally thought that Santa was living in his snow globe.)

It’s Not My Fault 

When I was about 6 years old I got a hamster for my birthday. My hamster’s name was Nibbles. One day my mom asked me to feed Nibbles. When my mom checked to see if I fed her, she was still not fed. At this point I was already tucked in bed. My mom asked me again to feed my hamster and I said, “Ah, mom. I just got all tucked in bed.” In which my mom responded by saying, “It’s not my fault you didn’t listen. I asked you to feed Nibbles before you got in bed.” I replied, “It’s not my fault I can’t listen. God made me.” (This is still my excuse today.)

Tickling Feet

Once when I was 3 years old I said to my mom, “My feet are tickling me again.” My mom replied, “That’s because your feet are falling asleep.” I then said in shock, “My feet have eyes?!” (My little 3 year old self took what my mom said literally.)

The Kitchen Sink

My brother, Brayden, was about 7 years old when he had received a small blue, green, and white basketball when he played NJB (National Junior Basketball) in the fall. He took very good care of the basketball. He liked it to look brand new, so sometimes after using it he would pull out the sharpie markers and would fill in the lines on the basketball that were being worn off. One day when my mom got home she saw him washing something in the sink and asked my brother what he was doing. He said that he was washing his basketball. As my mom got closer to the kitchen sink, she noticed that he was scrubbing the basketball with the sponge/soap scrubber that we use to wash our dishes. My mom told my brother that he shouldn’t be using that because we wash our dishes with it and we eat off of those. Brayden responded, “Why? I did the last time…” My mom was so disgusted by the fact that we had been cleaning our dishes this whole time with something that my brother had been washing his basketball with, and none of us knew.

What I Want to be When I Grow Up

My mom was helping my brother fill out an All About Me poster for his preschool class. One of the questions was, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” My mom asked my brother what he wanted to be, expecting him to say a baseball player or something that most little kids want to be at age 4. My brother responded, “I want to be a tow truck.” My mom and I were puzzled and said, “Do you mean a tow truck driver?” My brother replied, “NO! I want to be a tow truck.” After 10 more minutes of arguing with my little brother about how he can’t be a tow truck since tow trucks aren’t alive, we finally gave up and let him believe that he could be a tow truck when he grew up. (Later, my family figured out that my brother wanted to be a tow truck when he grew up because of the Cars movie. He thought Tow Mater was the funniest character and wanted to be just like him. He didn’t know at that age that it is impossible to be a truck.)

I hope you enjoyed reading about some of my funny childhood memories. I wrote this blog post so I can look back when I’m older and remember the funny things that my brother and I said when we were younger. Some day these will be stories that I will tell my children.




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